Server Status: Online

Players Online: 2

Client Version: 10.97 - 10.99

There are 8728 characters on 5598 accounts

PK on MC = ban for ever

Server presentation in:tekst alternatywny

Double xp weekend!

Double XP on Pandorum from 25/08 to 27/08 (server save time)

Global Save time set to 07:00 CEST

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Another backup unfortunatly..
I will take care about you this evening after work..

Today at 20:00 all registered accounts will receive 7 days of ViP.
All players online at 20:00 will receive 3 exp cards, 3 stamina refills, 3 frag removers, 1 items, mounts, addons box, 30 nuggets.

All players that bought coins from 07:00 get their refund.

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Server restored

Due to a map error, we were forced to undo the server status by 1:20 from 28/07/2018. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Global Save has been disable till we know the real problem with houses.

On 29/07/2018 at 19:15 all players online will receive Experience Card, Frag Remover and Stamina Refiler. Just after rewards there will be spawn of few bosses on arena!

All accounts received 3 days of free VIP (relog if you dont see it).

All players that donated today between 01:20 - 17:15 can contact me on Discord for a give back
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Double XP

Double XP on Pandorum from 27/07 to 30/07 (server save time)

Global Save time set to 07:00 CEST

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Super SD and Natural Bow

Super SD has been added to shop and I fixed Natural Bows but they didnt updated on old bows. So if you have Natural Bow on +9, contact me and I will give you the right one.

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Double XP

Double XP on Pandorum from 08/06 to 11/06 (server save time)

Global Save time set to 07:00 CEST

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Client: 10.97 - 10.99
Online: 2
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