Server Status: Online

Players Online: 69

Client Version: 10.97 - 10.99

There are 4058 characters on 2652 accounts

PK on MC = ban for ever

Server presentation in:tekst alternatywny

Super SD and Natural Bow

Super SD has been added to shop and I fixed Natural Bows but they didnt updated on old bows. So if you have Natural Bow on +9, contact me and I will give you the right one.

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Double XP

Double XP on Pandorum from 08/06 to 11/06 (server save time)

Global Save time set to 07:00 CEST

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Lucky Day!


On 27 may lottery will be launched every
5 minutes!

For this event, afk kick time will be set to 24 hours.
Dont forget that you can use only 3 mc. If you use more you will get banned.

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Wrong choices..

Kapitan, the new Game Master died on his personal character and though that someone gave "special items" to the person that killed him. Then he tried to destroy our server.

I am really sorry for that, I promised myself to stop recruiting people in my team, all of last staff members were so cancer..

I can understand that you are angry and you want to leave Pandorum, it is your choice.

Just keep in mind that I am never taking care only of choosen players, all players are equal for me.

Sorry again and I hope that you will still enjoying Pandorum. Shit happens but it is making us stronger!

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Double Skills!

Double skills on Pandorum from 23/05 to 26/05 (server save time)

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New Game Master

New Game Master joined our staff, his name is Kapitan.
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Client: 10.97 - 10.99
Online: 69
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