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Client Version: 10.97 - 10.99

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    Client: 10.97 - 10.99
    Online: 21
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    1270 lvl
     Blessed Bolt
    1188 lvl
     Dark Akii
    1167 lvl
     Blessed Hex
    1125 lvl
     King Worm
    1105 lvl
    Gwardia Dumbledora 202 frags
    KimusTM 59 frags
    Ekipa 1-go Yebniecia 41 frags
    Sacred Storm 39 frags
    Senpais 37 frags
    Honored Player
    Played for 8 months on Agardia
    Reached 1125 level
    Vip acces for 8 months!
    Medal of Honour for helpful citizen!
    Statue in temple for his reached level!
    Special boots for beating the level record!