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by Vodkagun

Profession: Elder Druid
Level: 250
the Leader of Default

Posts: 20
Another backup unfortunatly..
I will take care about you this evening after work..

<font color="red"><b>Today at 20:00 all registered accounts will receive <u>7 days of ViP</u>.
All players online at 20:00 will receive 3 exp cards, 3 stamina refills, 3 frag removers, 1 items, mounts, addons box, 30 nuggets.

<font color="range"><b>All players that bought coins from 07:00 get their refund.</font></b>

02.08.18 12:57:43
Edited by Vodkagun
on 02.08.18 17:03:16
Gryze Wode

Profession: Royal Paladin
Level: 316

Posts: 1
well done, i lost my upgrading bow +6 now its 0.
its giving back ??
i buy upgrader other players and my frends giving to me.
i don't buy it on the shop.
02.08.18 15:34:26

Profession: Royal Paladin
Level: 603

Posts: 3
Items lost
C'mon man, we're wasting our time, i've won vip medal and pandorum boots in lotteries :'( besides the amount of exp gained T.T
02.08.18 15:35:01
Lovely Girl

Profession: Sorcerer
Level: 52

Posts: 1
11.08.18 13:56:00

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