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Players Online: 54

Client Version: 10.97 - 10.99

There are 5576 characters on 3820 accounts

PK on MC = ban forever

Server presentation in:tekst alternatywny

Double exp

Due to recent problems with server we will organise double exp on this weekend!

It starts on: 12/04 after global save.
Ends on: 15/04 after global save.
Sorry for problems!
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Week of Events!

This Pandorum edition is very active, you are more than 150 players online each day and we want to say Thank You with this week of events:

Monday: 30 minutes of hell on the bosses arena at 21:00 CET!
Tuesday: At 19:30 CET all players online will receive Stamina Refill, Frag Remover, Items / Mounts / Addons Boxes and Upgrading Crystal. At 21:00 CET Special Box reward.
Wednesday: 24h of double Tibia Coins using PayPal method.
Thursday: 24h of double loot and Tibia Coins Nest reward at 21:00 CET.
Friday: 24h of double skills and new bosses spawns at 21:00 CET.
Saturday: 24h of double exp and PvP event* at 13:00 CET.
Sunday: 24h of double exp and 30 minutes of hell on the bosses arena at 21:00 CET.

*PvP Event: I want to organize a mini tournament 5 vs 5 in a closed arena. If you want to participate contact VodkaGuN on discord before 23/02 (12:00 CET)!

PvP Event rules:
- No Mc
- Need to have 5 players
- If you die you cant come back
- The fight ends after 15 minutes or if all players from 1 team are dead
- The team that got the most of players alive win the match

Tournament prizes:
First place: 50 PLN on PayPal + 40000 Tibia Coins + Special Team/Guild Banner on website.
Second place: 25 PLN on PayPal + 20000 Tibia Coins.
Third place: 16000 Tibia Coins.
Fourth place: 10000 Tibia Coins.

/!\ Money prizes request minimum 6 teams in tournament! All prizes are for team, not for each member! /!\

We are also working about some vocations fixes, new quests and bosses.

Thank you again and I hope you will enjoy this historical Pandorum event week!
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Nowa Edycja

Ostatnia edycja byla online przez 7 miesiacy.
Zostalo stworzonych 6300 kont i 9 768 postaci.
4 331 unikalnych graczy zawitalo nasz serwer.
Gracze zginieli 23 320 razy.
1 gracz: Crushi pobil rekord levela na serwerze zdobywajac 1368 poziom.
14 493 itemow zostalo zakupionych w Item Shop.
329 graczy online zawitalo na start poprzedniej edycji.

Runy i amunicja sie nie koncza.
Firestorm, Zombie, Team Battle i Metin Stones eventy sa dostepne.
Lottery i Ticket Lottery
Boxes System [Zdobadz wszystkie Itemy / Mounty / Addony w grze]
Daily Rewards
Bosses Spawns
Upgrading items
Auto Loot
Max mc: 3
Zerknij do naszej zakladki Library po wiecej informacji.

Tibia Coinsy:
- Pierwsze 400 kont dostanie 600 tibia coins.
(Gdy licznik kont zostanie osiagniety i tylko na 1 IP)
[Osoby ktore beda probowaly robic kilka kont lub uzywac VPN nie dostana TC]
- Co setny rekord, kazdy gracz online otrzyma 300 Tibia Coins.
- Godzine po starcie, kazdy gracz online otrzyma Items / Addons / Mounts boxa.
- Kazde konto zalozone przed startem otrzyma 1 dzien ViPa.
- Jest automatyczny system Punktow na gildie. Wiecej info w Guild Shop.

Nasz Discord
Dolacz do naszego serwera Discord :
Discord jest najlepsza mozliwoscia skontaktowania sie z Nami.
Bedziemy rowniez robic na nim konkursy. Warto dolaczyc! ;)

Data Startu:
Pandorum wystartuje 8 lutego o 18:00.
Nasze odliczanie na stronie jest uniwersalne.

Podstawowe informacje:
PvP: 100+ level
Houses: 150+ level
Free Blesses: to level 150

Skill: 35x
Magic: 18x
Loot: 5x
Spawn: 3x

Exp Stages:
8 - 50 level, 600x
51 - 100 level, 400x
101 - 125 level, 350x
126 - 150 level, 300x
151 - 175 level, 250x
176 - 200 level, 200x
201 - 220 level, 150x
221 - 240 level, 100x
241 - 260 level, 70x
261 - 280 level, 45x
281 - 300 level, 20x
301 - 350 level, 10x
351 - 400 level, 5x
401 - 500 level, 4x
501 - 600 level, 3x
600+ level, 2x


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